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Selecting the right scooter can only be done from home. We’ll bring along a variety of scooters for you to test drive.


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Which size is right for you?

Large Mobility Scooters

Large Mobility Scooters, Australia- Active Scooters

Perfect for outings from home to the local shops on uneven footpaths.


Small Mobility Scooters

Small Mobility Scooters, Australia- Active Scooters

Ideal for short trips, and loading into the car.



 Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding Mobility Scooters, Australia- Active Scooters

Designed for the traveller in mind, light and easy to use.



Power Wheelchair Solutions

LightDrive Power Assist

Light Drive Power Chair, Australia- Active Scooters

A power add-on device that turns your manual chair into an electric wheelchair


Lightweight Powerchairs

Lightweight Motorised Wheelchair- Active Scooters

The lightest, most compact, travel-friendly power chairs available.



Mobility scooters and motorised wheelchair– these vehicles have increased the independence of countless people and encourage them to participate in different social activities around them that might be inaccessible otherwise. At active scooters, we pride ourselves on providing a range of electric wheelchair solutions, designed to cover the long distance without the need of assistance.

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Advanced Scooter TechnologyAdvanced Scooter Technology- Mobility Scooters- Active Scooters, Australia

Our mobility scooters have advanced scooter technology with a clear display showing your speed, distance traveled and battery level. The enclosed tiller provides a more comfortable and a safer grip than traditional scooters. Choose from the lightweight, foldable disability scooters; and large and small scooters appropriate for varied terrain and purposes from the leading brand in Australia.

Unsure what’s the best mobility scooter for you?

Call us on 1800 55 48 27

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We’re one of Australia’s fastest growing mobility companies because we bring the showroom to you and give the lowest prices with the highest quality.


Our free, no obligation, in-home demonstrations happen all day, every day across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. We can always drop by and show you some of our most popular models for sale. Up to four can fit into our van!

So what happens at a demonstration? Firstly, we talk about your requirements to understand more about where you want to travel. For example, if you live in a hilly suburb, we’ll recommend a larger model. Secondly, we’ll give you a training session on how to travel forwards, stop, turn and reverse. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to becoming a proficient driver. Thirdly, we’ll travel around your local area on the electric mobility scooter or power chair or an electric wheelchair. This could be within the village or perhaps down to the local shops.

At Active Scooters Australia, we are confident that our scooters and chairs are of the highest quality and lowest price, with an outstanding level of customer service. If you’ve been living with limited mobility, contact us now and we’ll come to you for a free home demonstration.

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The mobility scooter is everything I could have hoped for, and even more. Solid, comfortable, takes hills well, and then there is the high gear when required. And people in shopping centres are instant friends.

Getting to the doctors was getting to tricky. Now I can scooter up the hill without a worry. I save my legs for the shops, not the trip to the shops.

Thank you for your assistance and punctuality. Both mobility scooters are going to plan and fulfilling our needs. It was reassuring to find a supplier that makes peace of mind a priority and we have benefited from your special kind of service.

Catching the train with my new mobility scooter means I can travel so much further. No longer am I limited to the local shops, it’s wonderful!

Acreage is where I want to be, and with my new mobility scooter I can now get to the post box, take the bins out and water my garden.

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