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Our scooters will help maintain your independence and freedom. Soft leather seats, independent suspension and pneumatic tyres offer a smooth and comfortable ride on even the toughest footpaths in Australia. Our focus on quality before delivery ensures high levels of mobility scooter safety, while maintaining exceptional value for money. We have a wide range of disability scooters from portable mobility scooters to large community scooters. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter for sale, then let’s find the right one for you.

Power chairs

Our Chairs

Our power chairs are portable and travel friendly. Loading into the car boot needs to be an easy process so our chairs have the option to pull apart, making them even lighter. If you need extra mileage, we have expansion options to double or triple the distance. Powerchairs are the perfect solution if you’re looking for indoor use and perhaps a little outdoor use. There’s plenty to choose from, so let’s find the right one for you. ​

Power chairs
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Our lifting solutions are designed to help load your mobility scooter or powerchair into the car with ease. Our non-permanent Atlas hoist is for hatchback vehicles, operated by using a mini crane to raise the scooter or chair. The Sprint lifter works well with a wider variety of cars by simply rolling it onto the platform and pressing the up button. Our mobility scooter rack is the ultimate way to transport a heavy scooter, although it requires a large four-wheel-drive vehicle. Let’s find the right lifting solution for you. ​

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Home is where you need to trial a mobility scooter. We offer a free home trial, including a test drive to anywhere you’d like to go. Perhaps the local shops or through the park? Footpaths and road crossings do vary, so finding the right disability scooter that’s safe and comfortable is important. Our sales van can load four different scooters for you to try. Let’s help you find more independence.

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We’re here to help you find the right mobility solution. It can be a complex process of highlighting what you’d like from a scooter or chair, while keeping in mind your environment, transport, and budget. Our business owner is passionate about maintaining people’s independence, so most enquiries are answered by him, a true mobility expert. If you’re searching for a mobility scooters for sale, then let’s chat and answer those questions.

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