A large number of Australians, especially older individuals belonging to the ages between 60 and 90, injure themselves while driving their mobility scooter. The mobility scooters offer independence to those who are suffering from mobility issues. However, when the safety rules are not followed, one can lose control over the powered mobility aid and get involved in serious accidents. Such accidents can lead to severe injuries to the head, hip or limbs. Most of these accidents tend to happen on the road. That is why it is crucial to be safe when riding the mobility scooters both indoors and outdoors.

Ensure safety while driving your mobility scooter
Riding the mobility scooters require the combination of strength, sight, balance, coordination and concentration. Before you buy a mobility scooter Brisbane, make sure to consult with your physician to know whether you are actually fit to drive these mobility aids. If you have already bought one, you need to ensure that you can:
 Judge distancescooter2-300x199
 Control and steer the vehicle rightly
 See other vehicles and pedestrians on the road
 Sit for longer periods
 Recognise obstacles and hazards on the road
 Keep and shift balance when driving on uneven or rough surfaces
 Be patient enough to wait, stop and slow down whenever necessary
 Easily get the scooter in and out of the storage space
 Get on and off the mobility scooter without falling
If you take medications that make you drowsy, it would be best not to ride these during such a state. Your occupational therapist will be able to fill you in on your physical condition when it comes to riding your mobility scooter.

Get the right mobility scooter
If this is your first time buying a powered mobility aid, you need to research a bit about them before actually making the purchase. Don’t forget to check out a few brands and compare the features and convenience that the products offer. You can also talk to your dealer to know more about a particular mobility aid. There are different types of mobility scooters available in the market. Each of these different types has some unique aspects that make them appropriate for people suffering from specific conditions. You need to choose the powered scooter based on your physical/medical condition, weight, height and such other facts.

Abide by safety rules and regulations
After you have assessed your driving capabilities and purchased the ideal mobility aid, most of the work is done. The only thing that is left is for you to drive the scooter safely. Check the manual to find out about the safety features and how they work. You will also find safety instructions there. When driving these mobility aids on the road, or when taking them inside public transports, you need to follow all the regulations that have been specified by your state. These rules and regulations are there to ensure your safety. So it would not be a smart move to ignore them.

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