Different Types of Mobility Scooters

With the invention of mobility scooters, also known as disability scooters or power scooters, people with mobility issues have found a newfound sense of freedom and independence. Unlike the conventional mobility aids like wheelchairs, power scooters are run by a rechargeable battery. The seat is adjusted over the two rear wheels, and there is also a flat area for placing the feet. Handlebars are there for steering. The mobility scooter looks like a fun ride and not like a piece of medical equipment. Over the years, a lot of improvements have been made in mobility scooters and now there several options available in the market.


3 wheel indoor/outdoor mobility scooters:

You can use these scooters both indoors and outdoors. The three wheeled scooters have one wheel in the front and two rear wheels that keep the scooter balanced. With these scooters, you will get lots of legroom and because of their lean body, manoeuvring the vehicle is also easy.  However, remember to ride them only on evenly paved surfaces.


4 wheeled indoor/outdoor scooters:

The four wheeled scooters offer greater stability even when you are riding on uneven surfaces. If you want a smooth ride when outdoors, the four wheeled scooters will be the ideal option for you. However, these four wheeled scooters can be a little difficult to manoeuvre in narrow spaces. That is why although you can use them indoors, they are more appropriate for outside use.


compact scooters:

These compact scooters are ideal for indoor and outdoors. The 4 wheeled travel scooters are lighter in weight, and designed specifically for easy and fast assembly and dis-assembly. The narrow design of these scooters allow you to ride in tight spaces.


heavy duty scooters:

The heavy duty scooters are most ideal for overweight individuals. Designed specifically for large-framed individuals, these heavy duty scooters can bear the weight of 300 lbs and above! These are powerful vehicles with a number of features that allow you a smooth ride even in narrow passages. The seats are larger and there is a lot of legroom present for the comfort of the rider.

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