You can rely on our scooters to uphold your independence and freedom. Equipped with soft leather seats, independent suspension and pneumatic tyres, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, even on notoriously rough Australian footpaths. Our meticulous attention to quality prior to delivery ensures top-notch safety standards for our disability scooters, while remaining budget-friendly. Choose from our vast selection of scooters, catering to a range of needs – from portable options to community-sized models. If you're in the market for a scooter, we'll help you find the perfect match.

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Large Mobility Scooters

Designed for one or two users, the model A100 offers a luxurious extra-wide leather seat for additional comfort, and heavy duty suspension with a triple seat post for exceptional safety.

A90 - Active Scooters

Our deluxe mobility scooter, the extra large A90, comes fully upgraded for your comfort and safety. Sink into soft leather seats and benefit from extended battery life.

For a medium-sized option with added security features, the popular A70 boasts larger tyres and a competitive price point

MEDIUM Mobility Scooters

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With a slimline design and smooth steering, the A50 mobility scooter is a popular choice for manoeuvring around shopping centres.

Comfort at a budget price, the medium range A45 scooter has all the technology benefits of the larger models.

Small Mobility Scooters

A40 - Active Scooters

The A40 offers the best of both worlds as our largest model that can be easily dismantled, perfect for short trips or those limited on space.

A30 - Active Scooters

Compact and effortless to assemble, the A30’s puncture-proof tyres ensure a comfortable ride.

Porta Scooter - Active Scooters

For exceptional versatility, the Porta scooter boasts an aluminium frame and can be effortlessly packed into any car boot.

Travel Mobility Scooters

MobiFree - Active Scooters

Travel in style with MobiFree's basic, lightweight model that's easy to transport.

Charge - Active Scooters

Introducing the Charge, our latest electronic folding travel model – the perfect travel companion.

Designed with sleek functionality in mind, the Atto Sport seamlessly transforms into a compact trolley in just seconds.

Maleta - Active Scooters

For our premium model, the auto-folding travel scooter offers next-level features like a carbon-fibre frame and advanced keyless security technology.


Our goal is to assist you in discovering the perfect mobility solution that meets your needs. The process can be intricate as it involves identifying your desired features for a scooter or chair alongside your surroundings, commute, and budget. Our owner is dedicated to preserving individuals' autonomy, and therefore, he handles most inquiries as a genuine mobility specialist. If you're in pursuit of a disability scooter on the market, let's have a conversation and tackle your queries.

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