Which size electric mobility scooter is right for you?

Here at Active Scooters, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality, most affordable electric mobility scooter models in Australia.  That’s why we’re happy to answer the most common questions we receive about our scooters.

Compact Mobility Scooter - Active Scooters

Compact Scooter

Fits in your car, great for indoors and shopping centres.




Small mobility scooter - Active Scooters

Small Scooter

Ideal for short trips to the shops and general run around.




Medium mobility scooter - Active Scooters

Medium Scooter

Our most popular model, perfect for uneven footpaths.




Large mobility scooter - Active Scooters

Large Scooter

The ultimate scooter with all the upgraded features.




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Are Electric Mobility Scooters Safe?

Electric mobility scooters are incredibly safe. Unlike other three wheel scooters and mobility aids with small wheels which can tip, wobble or fall, your electric mobility scooter is lightweight and balanced with four wheels to keep you safe. All scooters come with suspension on the frame and a soft seat to give a smooth ride every time. The wheels are pneumatic, so filled with air to give an even smoother ride. The batteries are sealed, so they are safe when using and charging

How Do I Use My Scooter Safely?

You’ll be glad to know that learning how to drive an electric mobility scooter isn’t nearly as overwhelming as learning to drive a car. But you’ll still need to have training in your local environment, and learn the rules of the road.  That’s why, with every scooter we sell, we offer free, comprehensive training to help ensure you’re completely comfortable and confident using it.

Can’t come to us? No problem – we’ll come to you! And we’re happy to give you all the training and support you need to learn how to use your electric mobility scooter, keeping you safe, secure and most importantly, independent.

What about Scooter Servicing?

Servicing is a question that everyone asks. And it’s a fair question since you’re about to purchase an important product. You’ll be glad to know that we have a mobile van, so we can come to you. If we ever need to take your scooter away for repair, we’ll give you a free loan scooter, that’s customer service.

With so many reasons to consider an electric mobility scooter, isn’t it time you took a closer look at what Active Scooters has to offer? With scooters in a variety of sizes and designs to support your lifestyle, we’re happy to let you test drive any of our scooters at no charge for a full week just to see how much it can improve your life for the better.

Learn more by giving us a call today and ask us any questions you may have – we’re here to help!

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