Lots of people with limited mobility due to some type of disability or infirmity, mobility scooters are a better alternative to wheelchairs. Scooters, as opposed to wheelchairs, are visually more attractive, more maneuverable, more compact and of lighter weight. These consist of a wheeled platform which runs on batteries and consists of drive unit, a rear seat, hand rests directed to the front and useful controls. A rear wheel drive unit is preferable for rugged hills and terrains as these allow a better traction as compared to a model with a front wheel drive. The drive unit or platform is generally made of aluminum, steel or fiberglass although a composite might be used at times. There can be a cover over the dashboard instruments and the drive head. When you think of buying a scooter, you have to consider the following factors that ensure the stability of mobility scooters


Safety Features 

It is essential to consider the stability of the base on sharp turns and on inclines. A lot of scooters come with wheels featuring anti-tip mechanisms to allow greater stability during these types of maneuvers. Naturally, you have to make sure that the scooter that you are going for also consists of such mechanisms. The construction and the base unit dimensions should be considered carefully to make sure that your requirements as a rider are satisfied. Your feet must be accommodated comfortably and you must find controls comfortably within reach and easy to use. This is highly essential for very short or tall riders. A lot of these scooters come with adjustable arm rests and seats and some also have different base dimensions or additional footrests for people who wear leg braces or have longer legs.  

Wheels and Tires 

When you consider the stability of mobility scooters, you have to think about the maneuverability of the scooter which depends a lot on the size of the tire and the wheel. On front-wheel drive models, small tires increase the maneuverability but tend to reduce the traction. Naturally, rear wheel drive scooters usually consist of bigger tires that allow better grip on terrains that are uneven. You can choose from solid tires, foam filled tires or Pneumatic tires. On most scooters, Pneumatic tires offer better comfort but require maintenance and replacement when worn out. Tires that are filled with foam cannot be deflated and do not need any maintenance. But these are costlier and are less comfortable to ride. Solid tires are ideal only for indoor use and although quite less comfortable, are maintenance free. 


Rear wheel drive models consist of an electronic braking system which is engaged when riders release pressure from the controls. Therefore, the brakes will be engaged always when the scooter is not being driven in a forward direction. A brake release lever is offered in order to manually move the scooter. A lot of scooters consist of disc brakes along with an electronic system. Front wheel drive models, as opposed to these, lack an electronic system although they have a parking brake which is applied manually to the rear wheel. 

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