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We understand that buying a mobility scooter can be overwhelming, so we’d like to make it easier for you. There’s plenty to think about, so if you’re looking around, here’s a list of things to consider.


Free Home Demo?

It’s important to try the scooter where you’re going to use it, and that’s probably at home. Trying a scooter in a retail store, or carpark isn’t a real test of where you’re really going to use it.


Unlimited Training?

There’s plenty to learn when purchasing a scooter, and often you’ll need a refresher course, or perhaps you’d like to travel a little further than our original test drive. Make sure the retailer can offer this service.



A quality mobility scooter should offer a minimum warranty period of 5 years for a frame, 1 year for parts and 1 year for the battery.


Large Pneumatic Tyres?

For a more comfortable ride, pneumatic tyres with air provide a more comfortable ride, and a safer ride when travelling on gravel and dirt paths. Although travel scooters do have solid tyres to keep scooter light, large scooters should have pneumatic tyres.


Reasonable Pricing?

In the current economic climate, prices are rising, but there’s no need for inflated prices. Look for specials and compare prices for scooters with similar sized wheels, motors and batteries.


Four Wheels?

Keeping it simple, four wheels are better than three. This is particularly important when travelling downhill, turning, or both. Having two wheels at the front provide the stability required to ensure every scooter trip is a safe one.


Second Hand Scooter?

Just like buying a 2nd hand car, buyer beware. The most common problem with pre-loved scooters is the state of the battery. Often new batteries can cost up to $1000, an unexpected expense after purchase. Buying new gives you the guarantee of a reliable scooter that’s always going to get you home safely.

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Did you have any queries about our buyers checklist? If so, we're here to help so please share. Our business owner has a passion for maintaining independence, so most enquiries are answered by him, a true scooter champion. Let’s chat and answer those questions.

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