We believe you need to trial a scooter for 7 days before making a purchase.

You can certainly choose a comfortable model in the shop, but is that enough?

It’s only after a demonstration at home, and trial for a week, will you know if it’s really right.

Call us on 1800 55 48 27 to get answers to your questions.

We’ll organise a trial at your home, and find the safest route to your local shops. Just to make sure it’s the right scooter for you, we’ll leave it for a 7 day free trial.

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Which size mobility scooter is right for you?

Compact Mobility Scooter

Compact Scooter

Fits in your car, great for indoors and shopping centres.

Small Mobility Scooter

Small Scooter

Ideal for short trips to the shops and general run around.

Medium Mobility Scooter

Medium Scooter

Our most popular model, perfect for uneven footpaths.

Large Mobility Scooter

Large Scooter

The ultimate scooter with all the upgraded features.


Your weight and height will also determine what’s the right scooter for you. Choosing a model that’s too large or too small can put your safety at risk. We’ll come to you with many scooters to help select the best scooter for you. Call us on 1800 55 48 27 to book your free home demo and free 7 day trial.

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