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Our innovative client profiles show goals, recommendations and outcomes for your clients and their Home Care Package. This helps co-ordinators and therapists define client packages that are aligned with Aged Care Standards.

Roger - Active Scooters


Roger has requested a small pull-apart travel scooter to help with his independence while travelling. He’s weaker than before, so dismantling the scooter and loading into the car is the way he can do it.

A30 - Active Scooters


Roger would benefit from our model A30. The scooter pulls apart for easy loading into the car with the heaviest piece being only 15 kg. It’s a great scooter for indoor travel and flat outdoor terrains.

Betty - Active Scooters


Betty would like a folding travel scooter to use at the local shopping centre. Her husband is fit and healthy, so lifting the unit into the car boot will be easy

Porta Scooter - Active Scooters


Betty has the choice of several folding scooters. The Genie and Mojo fold automatically with a remote control whereas the Mobie folds manually with the pull of a handle. The Porta is different again as it folds downwards making it easier to roll into the car boot.

Bruce - Active Scooters


Bruce lives in a retirement village and only wants to travel on a small scooter down to the community centre. He’s only 70 kg so there is no interest in the larger scooters.

A40 - Active Scooters


Bruce only needs a small scooter so the model A40 would be our recommendation. Since the village has a few hills, he needs a scooter with a medium sized motor and larger wheels.

Jeanette - Active scooters


Jeanette still lives in her family home, but her husband has moved into aged care. She wants a medium sized scooter that is safe enough to travel on the local footpaths to visit him every day.

disability scooters


Jeanette would benefit from our model A50. It’s large pneumatic tyres and leather seat will ensure a comfortable trip on the local footpaths. It’s wider and longer than the smaller scooters so safer on the road crossings.

Paul - Active Scooters


Paul is overweight so finds it difficult to get into the community now he has stopped driving. The local men’s shed is where his mates are, so he’s after a large scooter to help him reconnect with his friends.

mobility scooters australia


Paul would like either our model A70 or model A90. Both of these scooters have larger wheels for more road clearance, long range batteries and more powerful motors than the other models. Since Paul is overweight, our A90 with a higher weight capacity would be our recommendation.

Joy - Active Scooters


Joy is finding it hard to get around her apartment with the wheelie walker so would like a small lightweight powerchair. She would also take it on outings with the family.

A7 - Active Scooters


Joy would enjoy our model A7. It’s a lightweight powerchair that’s narrow enough to get through doorways in the apartment and the perfect height for transfers. It’s light enough for her family to load into the car and take on trips so she can feel independent.

Les - Active Scooters


Les is an amputee with regular medical appointments. He would like a large powerchair that can be loaded into the boot of a taxi, and used when he’s at the hospital.

D8 - Active Scooters


Les would like the larger lightweight powerchair called the model D8. The option to add a 2nd and 3rd battery gives Les enough mileage for a full day at the hospital. His family can also load it into the car when they go shopping.

Gwenda - Active Scooters


Gwenda has a custom manual wheelchair, but finds it hard to self-propel. Her husband is unable to push the chair anymore so she would like a power-assist motor to turn the manual chair into a powerchair

Light Drive Attached To Wheelchair


Gwenda would benefit from the Light Drive. It connects to her manual wheelchair in seconds and turn it into a full functioning powerchair. This will reduce the damage to her shoulders, and enable her husband to enjoy trips to the shops, walking beside her, instead of pushing from behind.


  • More independence to get out and about
  • Improved mental health and physical wellness
  • Reduced isolation at home
  • Enriched quality of life and happiness
  • More freedom in travel wherever they need
  • Increased continuity of activities in the community
  • More connectivity with community groups
  • Improved safety when travelling on local footpaths
  • Maintain self-worth and dignity
  • Less expense on taxi fares
  • More pleasant alternative to public transport
  • Less reliance on family or friends
  • Reduced risk of falls at home and in the community
  • More fulfilled and meaningful life
  • Reduced pain when travelling


Our goal is to assist you in finding the perfect mobility solution for your client, taking into account various factors such as their preferences, surroundings, transportation, and available funding. Our company owner is dedicated to maintaining the autonomy of individuals and therefore, typically responds personally to inquiries as he is a genuine mobility specialist. We encourage you to connect with us to chat about your client and their Home Care Package.

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