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4WD Scooter Rack Lifter

Our rack is the perfect solution if your large scooter needs to be transported, although you’ll need a large 4WD with tough suspension.

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Just roll the scooter up the ramp, fold the ramp, secure the scooter and you’re off. When not in use, it folds nicely out of the way in the upwards position.


If you’re unable to dismantle your scooter, or need to travel a long distance, then a mobility scooter carrier is the perfect solution. Designed to take scooters and powerchairs up to 150kg with a width 83.5cm wide and 147.5cm long. When it’s not in use, just fold it up against the back of your car.

You will need a large 4WD for this scooter rack. This is due to a large 4WD’s having tough suspension that doesn’t soften when it’s under load, and the connection point is high. You will need clearance of 40 cm between the ground and the bottom edge of the Hayman Reece square tubing. When loaded with a scooter, this will drop to approximately 30cm. Any lower and the rack will not be parallel to the ground. The back edge of the rack could scrape on the ground in scenarios like “short and steep inclines” (eg. driveways).

The large 4WD’s that work well include the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu DMAX and MUX, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Defender, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi Pajero and Triton, Nissan Navara and Patrol, RAM 1500 and 2500, Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser and Prado, VW Amarok and similar large 4WD’s.

The distance required between the pin in your hayman reece tow hitch and the back of your vehicle needs to be 15cm. This could be an issue for vehicles with a spare tyre on the back, and for utes with the tow hitch under the tray. This space is required for when the rack is lifted into the upright position (for storage while on the vehicle).

SUV’s and smaller vehicles have a lower clearance, even before the rack is installed. The softer suspension adds to the problem of the rack getting too low to the ground.

If you’re unsure, please contact us. With the right vehicle, it’s a brilliant solution for transporting a mobility scooter. We send carriers all around Australia. A smaller version of the rack is available with dimensions of 71cm wide and 121.5cm long with the same carrying capacity of 150kg, and the same price as the larger carrier.


Our rack complies to the Queensland Department of Main Roads Vehicle Modification Code of Practice. An extract is here, and the complete document is here.

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If you’d like to try the scooter rack on your large 4WD then contacts us. Our workshop is in Brookfield, west of Brisbane. We have a variety of different sized scooters, so there’s no need to bring yours along. If you’re outside Sth East Queensland, let’s chat to ensure your scooter will fit on the rack, and the rack will fit on your vehicle. Contact us and let's get started.

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