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Active Scooters can help you get mobile today by offering zero interest mobility scooter finance with no admin charges or hidden fees. Since we provide the finance, there’s no finance company and no credit checks. You’ll just need to agree and sign an auto direct debit form for the period of your repayments.

PRIVATE PAYMENT: To receive your new mobility scooter through us today, you’ll need to contribute an initial payment of 50% of the sale price, and the remaining 50% will be paid over a maximum of 6 fortnights (3 months). For example, if a new scooter sale price is $3,900 then the initial payment is $1,950 then 6 fortnightly automatic direct debits of $325 each. If you don’t have the initial payment amount, then you can apply for NILS funding, see below. If you need longer than 6 fortnightly payments, then we'll calculate the initial deposit and repayment amounts on the RRP price instead of the sale price.

HOME CARE PACKAGE PAYMENT: If you've recently started on a home care package with little accumulated funds, then you can rent the scooter from today. If you rent for 13 fortnights (6 months), then you'll own the scooter at the end of this period. The rental amount is the scooter RRP price divided by 13. For example, if a new scooter RRP price is $4,550 then the rental price will be $350 per fortnight.

NDIS PAYMENT: When deciding on your plan, we can help provide costings for a new scooter or chair. This will be calculated on the sale price. Once the quote is approved by the NDIS, we'll submit an invoice and deliver to you, even before payment has been received. Now that's customer service!

If you're not eligible for government funding then the government No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on low incomes with access to safe, fair and affordable credit up to $2,000. Repayments are over 24 months with no fees and no interest. To be eligible for NILS you must have a Health Care Card or earn less than $70k/yr (single) or $100k/yr (if partner/children) or experienced family/domestic violence in last 10yrs and you can show you can repay the loan. NILS is offered in over 600 locations across Australia. Call 13 64 57 or find a local NILS provider near you https://goodshep.org.au/nils-provider-finder/

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We’re here to help you find the right mobility scooter finance solution for a mobility scooter. It can be a complex process. Our business owner is passionate about maintaining people’s independence, so most enquiries are answered by him, a true mobility expert. Let’s chat and answer those questions.

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