Would you like a new mobility scooter now? Are you concerned about a used mobility scooter costing you more in the long run? We can offer you mobility scooter finance.

We can help find your independence and freedom today by offering zero interest mobility scoooter finance with no hidden fees, ever! Since we provide the finance ourselves, there’s no finance company and no credit checks.

To receive your new mobility scooter, you’ll just need to pay a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% will be paid over 12 monthly repayments, with a minimum of $100/month.

For example, if your scooter cost is $2,400 then the deposit is $1,200 and you’ll pay 12 payments of $100/month, that’s it!

If you’d like mobility scooter finance on your new mobility scooter, please contact us today.

Centrelink offers a free service called Centrepay. It’s an easy way to pay for your bills with regular deductions, for example, paying $50/fortnight for scooter repayments. Talk to your Centrelink office for more information. 

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Would you like finance for a new scooter?

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