Are you looking for a mobility scooter in the short term? Perhaps you’re visiting Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast and looking for a rental? Are you recovering from an injury and need to maintain your independence?

Active Scooters provides mobility scooters for short term and long term rental.

We’ll give you all the training and education required to get around on a scooter. You’re welcome to either pick up from our warehouse in Brookfield, Brisbane, or we’ll drop it off. Delivery fees are only $2/km. Minimum payment/period is TWO weeks, and we’ll require a credit card number as security. When deciding on a mobility scooter to hire (or buy) , there are a few things to consider..

Do you want to dismantle the scooter and put into your car? If so, you’ll be limited to the smaller scooters on offer. Most medium and large scooters can only be used from home to your local shops, or perhaps on the train if you’re close enough to the station.

Scooters have weight ratings. If you’re over 90kg, then you’ll need a medium or large scooter. This is due to different scooters having different sized motors.

Where are you going to travel? There are three categories of terrain, and it’s important to get the right scooter for the route you’re going to take.

Indoors or flat outdoors. If you’re only going to be inside buildings or outdoors on only flat surfaces, then a smaller scooter is all you need.

Outdoor with small inclines. If you need to travel on footpaths and roads with an incline, then you’ll need a medium sized scooter. When it comes to crossing the road, you’ll need a scooter with more wheel clearance, something the smaller scooters do not have.

Outdoor with hills. The larger scooters have larger motors that are able to travel up hills with little stress on the motor.

Our scooters are registered for you to use as a loan scooter, so in the case of accident, you have third party insurance for damaged caused to a person. You’ll be asked to sign a rental agreement at the commencement of your rental period. If you have any concerns, we are available anytime.

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