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Deluxe Atto Sport Mobility Scooter

The Atto Sport is a combination of exceptional functionality and cutting-edge design. It folds within seconds and splits for easy lifting.

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It folds down into a compact trolley suitcase size and it splits apart making it easy to carry around. The ATTO Sport version features all the possible upgrades from their range making it a pleasure to ride around. It has a sleek, sports car-like design that splits into two lightweight segments for easy carrying. Deluxe features include cruise control, leather seat, lithium flight-approved battery, USB charging port, and an ergonomic design with ample of legroom.


Carrying Capacity

120 kg

Range per Charge

30 km

Solid Tyres (front-rear)

6-7 inch

Turning Radius

135 cm

Max Speed

10 km/hr


8 Ah x 1

Open Dimensions (LxWxH)

120x56x89 cm

Closed Dimensions (LxWxH)

31x71x42 cm

Ground Clearance

12 cm

Seat Dimensions (WxD)

43x43 cm


2 amp

Total Weight

31 kg

-- Front Body Weight

14 kg

-- Rear Body Weight

17 kg

Warranty (frame)

2 years

Waranty (battery)

1 year

Warranty (parts)

1 year



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