Mobility scooters, from the days of being a necessary item, have now become a luxury ride. Mobility aids shops are offering many different kinds of scooters that bear some very high standard and advanced features; high standard features, so lucrative, that people who don’t even need such scooters ride on them.

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There are many add-on features that, combined, has improved the overall experience of mobility scooters and supplemented their transcendence into a luxury ride. Here are few of them-


The look of these scooters, evidently, over the years, has improved. They come in a large variation, in terms of colors and designs. Red colored ones being the most popular, they look very stylish.

Ground Clearance

Or ride height, ground clearance plays a crucial role into how smooth the ride is. More the distance between the base of the scooter and its chassis, better it will dissolve any bumps, offering the riders a calm and bump-free journey.

More Speed

Top Mobility aids shop in Australia is offering a range of scooters that vary in their speeds. As the cost goes up, so will their maximum speed. This has become one of the important considerations that people take when heading out to buy mobility scooters today.

Better batteries

Batteries are of course important for these scooters, but by the extent this department has improved over the years is quite unimaginable. These batteries now have better capacity that helps them last very long even after extensive use. Plus, they also get charged optimally in a very short period.

Royal seats

Royal-like seats on mobility scooters have become very common today, but this was not the case few years back. These seats are made from high quality foams and leathers that offer comfortable and healthy seating.

These are the extra add-on features or improvements that have made mobility scooters highly favorite, even among people who don’t need them. So next time you head to any mobility aids shop, look for such extravagant features and buy a regal ride.

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