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Shopping for Mobility Scooters in Melbourne?

If you search for “mobility scooters Melbourne”, you’ll find many providers, but how do you choose the best one? Make sure you read the following before you buy a mobility scooter in Melbourne.

Built from the Strongest Materials

We sell mobility scooters in Melbourne for one simple reason – we believe everyone has a right to mobility. It leads to happier and more independent life. We make sure every mobility scooter is made from the best materials, able to handle the tough Melbourne footpaths. Our independent front suspension and pneumatic tyres gives you a smooth ride, and let’s you ride practically anywhere. We’re so sure of our materials, we offer a two year warranty for the frame.

Made for the Australian Climate

At Active Scooters, we’ve designed them for the Melbourne weather. Incredibly hot in summer and blisteringly cold in winter. Even at it’s worst, our scooters will perform well as they have been tried and tested over the years. If you need to customise your scooter, we have plenty of accessories to fit your lifestyle. Our extra wide awning and quality rear bag are popular additions.

Free Training

We’re trusted by some of the big names in the industry, including Blue Care, RSL Care, Red Cross and many local GP’s. They like our approach of endless free training, easy to use controls, and safe larger than average tyres.

If you’re shopping for mobility scooters in Melbourne, we have plenty of scooters on offer, from the compact travel scooters to the larger units that will climb any steep driveway.

We’ll spend as much time with you as required to make sure the training received is second to none. If you’re unsure of the best route to the shops, we can help set the route and walk you through it. Our outstanding customer service is why people refer their friends and family to us.

7 Day In Home Trial

And, when shopping for mobility scooters in Melbourne, remember we have a free 7 day trial. You’re welcome to drive a scooter from home to your local shops, or perhaps visit friends. It’s important to get comfortable with a scooter before purchasing. Give us a call to learn more about taking steps to your independence and freedom. 

Our Active Scooters staff will help find the right scooter for you. Come and see why Active Scooters is the fastest growing mobile scooters in Melbourne supplier – call us today!

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