Too many people buy a mobility scooter without trialling it at home.

You can certainly choose a comfortable model in the shop, but is that enough? It’s only after a demonstration and test drive at home, will you know if it’s really right. How comfortable is the scooter on your footpaths? Can it safely transverse the pedestrian crossing? Will it have enough power to get up the hills, and battery strength to get your home?

These questions can only be answered when trialling the scooter at home, and trialling it for more than one hour. At Active Scooters, after our free home demonstration, we leave the scooter with you for a free 7 day trial.

Irene’s Story

Irene was very independent before selling her car. She wanted to maintain her freedom with a mobility scooter.

We showed her three different types at home. She thought the small model would have been perfect, until we drove to the local park.

The footpath was bumpy and road crossings were steeper than she thought. There was also a hill to climb, so we could hear the little motor working harder than it probably should.

Irene tried a medium scooter with the larger wheels and a bigger motor, it was perfect. Just to make sure this was the right model, she trialled the scooter for 7 days before buying it. She’s one of our very happy customers.

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