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The NDIS is the first national scheme in Australia for people with disability. Participants receive funding directly for products and services.


Once you’re registered with the NDIS and eligible for support, then we can help with your plan. If you’re ready to research mobility solutions now then our team will give you all the options to ensure the right equipment is chosen for your needs.

You'll need to engage an occupational therapist to help. Finding a time that suits you, the OT and us can be challenging, so we’ve developed an online booking system to make scheduling easier.

Active Scooters was one of the first companies in Queensland to register for the NDIS as an Assistive Technology Service Provider, so we’re experienced in helping participants develop the right plan the first time.

For more information on how we can help, contact us on 1800 55 48 27 or email us.

Provider Registration Number: 4050023430

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We’re here to help you find the right finance solution for a mobility scooter. It can be a complex process. Our business owner is passionate about maintaining people’s independence, so most enquiries are answered by him, a true mobility expert. Let’s chat and answer those questions.

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