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Our range of portable mobility scooters come in three categories; pull apart, manual folding, and auto folding models. Choosing the right scooter depends on the answers to many questions. Who will be loading the scooter into the car? Where do you plan to drive the scooter? Will there be uneven terrain or hills? Do you consider yourself a heavy or tall person? We’ve found it’s best to have a chat about your answers so we can recommend the right scooter for you. In the meantime, below is our portable mobility scooter range with plenty of options, in our opinion only the most popular models in the market. Once you’ve had a browse, you’re welcome to get in touch and organise a free home trial with us.

Small Mobility Scooters

A40 - Active Scooters

The A40 is a high-end mobility scooter that can easily fit inside a car. Despite being our biggest model, it can be dismantled, making it a popular choice for short trips to the shops and nearby places.

A30 - Active Scooters

The MobiFree is the basic model of our travel range. Lightweight, user-friendly, and easily portable, it is perfect for use while traveling.

Travel Mobility Scooters

MobiFree - Active Scooters

The MobiFree is the entry scooter in our travel range. Easy to use, light, safe, portable, and foldable are features that make the MobiFree the perfect travel buddy.

Porta Scooter - Active Scooters

With its innovative design and aluminum frame, the Porta scooter is the most versatile foldable travel scooter available. It can be effortlessly lifted into the car boot.

Charge - Active Scooters

The Charge is the latest addition to our travel range, featuring electronic folding at the touch of a button, making it an ideal travel companion.

Designed for exceptional functionality and stylish design, the Atto Sport folds into a compact trolley suitcase in seconds and splits apart to make it easy to load into the car.

Maleta - Active Scooters

Our premium travel scooter comes with an auto-folding feature, a lightweight carbon-fiber frame, and cutting-edge keyless security technology.


Our goal is to help you find the perfect mobility solution tailored to your needs, considering factors such as budget, environment, and transport. Our business owner is a true mobility expert who is passionate about maintaining your independence. Contact us to discuss and compare our range of portable mobility scooters.

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