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WHILL Model C2

The WHILL Model C2 is a revolutionary approach to power mobility that uniquely boosts user confidence and evokes an active, can-do lifestyle.

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Its premium performance and superb engineering provides versatility and reliability for all-day adventures.

The WHILL C2 enables people to enjoy their world freely both indoors and out.

Equipped with two powerful motors, independent suspension and large front wheels, the WHILL effortlessly traverses over obstacles and up hills.

The WHILL C2 can be disassembled for easy transportation in the boot of any car.

It can effortlessly climb over obstacles, thanks to it's large front omni-wheels. The rear suspension absorbs the impact nicely on bumpy footpaths.


Driving Range

18 km

Maximum Speed

8 km/hr

Incline Capability

10 degrees

Turning Radius

76 cm

Ground Clearance

5.7 cm

Max Weight Capacity

136 kg

Total Chair Weight

52 kg

- Front Frame

12 kg

- Rear Frame

26 kg

- Seat

12 kg

- Battery

2 kg

Seat Width & Depth

45cm or 50cm x 40cm

Front Wheels

25 cm

Rear Wheels

27 cm


Li-Ion 24v, 10 Ah


1 year

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