If it were 1990s, it would have totally fine if you used walking stick or crutches to walk. But today, when high quality mobility scooters are readily available, there could be no excuse for not buying them; none, at least when the shops in Brisbane and across Australia are offering mobility scooters for sale. That’s right; they are offering heavy discounts on their scooters, nearly as much as 50% off.

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Although shops are offering mobility scooters Brisbane at cheap, these rides are of the highest quality. They have premium features and functionalities that even highly priced scooters amiss. Premium features like-

High Speed-
A good speed is necessary. They can save you heaps of time. The standard speed of mobility scooters in the market is 6-8Km/hr, but there are shops in Australia who have raised the standards. They are offering cheap scooters with speed of up to 10Km/hr.

Pneumatic Tyres-
How prone is a ride to accident depends a lot on the kind of tyres it has. This is why these scooters have the best of pneumatic tyres. They have better grip that can conveniently stop them without any jerk or screech.

We already stress of re-charging our phones regularly, but that’s not the case with these mobility scooters. They have the best batteries, manufactured by leading companies, that have a very long life. So you can go on a long ride without the worry of the battery drainage.

Ground Clearance-
There has to be the right amount of gap between the underside of the chassis and the base of the tire to ensure a smooth ride; and these scooters have that. The distance range from 30mm to 100mm, which consumes any bump on the road and offer smooth and convenient ride.

Carry Capacity-
Many high priced mobility scooters from ‘average-Joe’ manufacturers and shops don’t even have the carrying capacity of 100Kg; but top stores are offering pieces that has as much as 150Kg carrying capacity. So you can easily go on a jubilant ride with your friend or family member seated along with you.

Not just that; the low price mobility scooters Brisbane have loads of luxury and add-on features that makes every ride safe and grand; like leather seats, safety flag, electric horn, headlights, side mirrors, range, off road tyres and more.

So if you have troubles walking, even remotely, buy these high quality mobility scooters for sale from the stores in Brisbane, Australia.

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