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Are you looking for a solution to transport your scooter?

If you’re unable to dismantle your scooter, or need to travel further than a few blocks, then a mobility scooter carrier is the perfect solution. Designed to take the heaviest mobility scooters, it’s got a capacity of 150kg and can handle scooters, or electric chairs that are up to 83.5cm wide and 147.5cm long. Loading the scooter is as easy as folding down the deck, then unfolding the ramp. Roll your scooter up, fold up the ramp, tie it down and drive away. When it’s not in use, just fold it up against the back of your car. There’s no need to take it off. Our mobility scooter rack is solid, and so is your scooter or electric chair. For this reason, you need a car with solid suspension and a high clearance between the tow bar and the ground.

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