Stay Safe While Riding a Mobility Scooter with These Tips

People who have to deal with limited  mobility, whether as a result of an injury or old age, mobility scooters are the most suitable solution. By reclaiming their freedom and pride by not having to depend on others for maneuvering around the room, the individuals can get a piece of mind and sense of stability. There are various kinds of these mobility aides available online these days, and each model comes with a number of features. While some models make it easier to go out for quick shopping or for a movie date, others enable you two maneuver around many storied buildings. The best part is, these scooters can be easily folded and stowed away in the car and taken on vacations and holidays. Who said that excursions and trips are holidays are off limits now? With a mobility scooter by your side, there is no need to sit at home and brood.

However, controlling a mobility scooter Brisbane is actually a little tougher than it looks. Therefore whether it is the elderly people are using these aides for visiting the park or a patient is using these during the recovery phase, it is important to be well acquainted with all the controls and other features of the scooter. This will not only help one to stay safe on the scooter but also enable them to make the best use of it.

Watch the Terrain:


Maneuvering the scooter inside the house is one thing, but when you are heading out you must know the terrain as well as possible from beforehand. If possible, know more about the stairs, potholes, bumps, cracks, curbs and turns in the pat that you are taking. This will help you control your scooter in the best way possible and avoid the difficult areas. A sudden bump in the road, though not always possible to anticipate, can affect the balance off the rider and even lose control of the aide. The road that is mostly frequented automatically forms an image in the rider’s mind, but the rider must gather information about the one that is less or never travelled. Using mobility scooters equipped with an anti-tip protection can significantly reduce the chances of accidents resulting from unexpected curves or bumps.



Look Out for Others:

Controlling a mobility scooter is a lot like driving a car in certain aspects. Say for instance a person riding a mobility scooter needs to be attentive about pedestrians and cars. When riding this aide on the sidewalk, be careful of the pedestrians who are unmindful or are suddenly changing tracks or maybe exiting stores. Similarly be very careful about the cars or bikes passing by, especially near the turns in the road. At all times, keep yourself alert, so as to avoid unfortunate collisions.


When seniors or disabled citizens are riding mobility scooters, they need to be aware of other people and vehicles in the area. They should take care not to put pedestrians in danger as they travel along sidewalks or roadways. They should also keep any eye out for any shoppers that may be exiting stores. When riding along a busy sidewalk or pathway, the scooter should only travel at the speed of someone who is walking. This will keep the occupant safe, as well as the people around him.

Other Tips:

Other safety tips include sitting properly and securely on the scooter before moving it. Attach a reflective panel on the back of the used mobility scooter so that it can be seen in the dark. The scooters should also have a flag attached, which is essentially several feet higher than scooter itself, when frequenting public roads to become easily noticeable by other vehicles.


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