Mobility scooters, which can also be described as battery-operated wheelchairs, are not only used by people with physical disabilities. They can also be used by almost any individual with full-body debilitating conditions like arthritis or even by people who suffer from various medical issues such as obesity which can limit moving about. These scooters have […]

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Those with problems in walking around can benefit a lot from mobility scooters. These types of scooters are much easier to use than wheelchairs as they are much simpler to control and need lesser strength of upper body. Those who use wheelchairs can use them for long durations due to their paralysis or some other […]

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It’s a new year, and a new name for the future. The name “Com Active Scooters” is the operating name of our not-for-profit company “Com Active”. Due to our recent success, we now created another company “Active Scooters”. Com Active will continue to provide not-for-profit programs in the community, like mobility scooter education programs and […]

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