Now I have the independence to visit my friends at St Vinnies and enjoy the view on the way. It is so easy to drive, I should have got one years ago.”

Berryl – Kippa Ring, Brisbane, Qld


“It’s really changed my life. I can now get to the shops without calling on my son to drive me there. It’s given me the freedom to go wherever I like, whenever I like.”

Graham – Kalbar, Ipswich, Qld


“Catching the train with my new scooter means I can travel so much further. No longer am I limited to the local shops, it’s wonderful!”

Alice – Lota, Brisbane, Qld


“Thank you for your assistance and punctuality. Both scooters are going to plan and fulfilling our needs. It was reassuring to find a supplier that makes peace of mind a priority and we have benefited from your special kind of service.”

Neville – Keperra, Brisbane, Qld


“Acreage is where I want to be, and with my new scooter I can now get to the post box, take the bins out and water my garden.”

Len, Beaudesert, Qld

testimonial6 “A double knee operation slowed me down so I needed a scooter that was going to get me out and about. The model A80 was a perfect fit, I’m just loving it.”

Alan – Woodridge, Brisbane, Qld


“My son would have to drive me everywhere before I got my scooter. Now he can get on with his job while I catch up with my friends.”

Don, Dalby, Qld


“Before I got my new scooter, I was finding it harder and harder to leave the house. Now I’m mobile and down the shopping centre with my mates most afternoons. Thanks for a great scooter.”

Graham – Logan, Brisbane, Qld


“Getting to the doctors was getting to tricky. Now I can scooter up the hill without a worry. I save my legs for the shops, not the trip to the shops.”

Alan, Keperra, Qld


“The scooter is everything I could have hoped for, and even more. Solid, comfortable, takes hills well, and then there is the high gear when required. And people in shopping centres are instant friends.”

Alban – St Lucia, Brisbane, Qld

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