It may seem convenient to buy or borrow a friend’s used mobility scooter so that you can try it out to see if it’s right for you. But what seems like a great money saving tip at the outset can actually be very dangerous – here’s why:

A Used Mobility Scooter May Have Interior Damage

You don’t know what this used mobility scooter has been through. There may be damage to interior components including the motor or the computerised controls (including steering, brakes and lights) that can’t be seen from the outside. Only a qualified scooter specialist would be able to properly diagnose any internal damage to your used mobility scooter that could cause it to fail, and since stores can only service scooters bought through them, you may have ended up with a lemon.

One of the best reasons to choose a mobility scooter from Active Mobility Scooters is the outstanding support you get – before, during and after the sale. We’ll gladly provide a hands-on demonstration to help you get acquainted with the various options available and even show you helpful accessories including baskets and awning to protect you and your items from the elements.

A Used Mobility Scooters Aren’t Designed for Your Needs

Borrowing a mobility scooter from a friend or family member might be convenient for short trips, but for all-around use, we don’t recommend it. For one thing, the scooter isn’t designed for you and its frame may be too large or too small to properly accommodate your stature and build. In addition, if you often enjoy traveling off-road or in nature, someone else’s scooter may not be designed to properly handle these areas, causing stability and balance issues which can lead to accidents.
This is why it’s so important to try out a scooter and get familiar with the build and features through a hands-on demonstration. Active Mobility Scooters often provides demonstrations at senior centers and community centers throughout Queensland, letting you try any of several models to find out which one could be right for you.

Not All Mobility Scooters Are Alike

active-mobility-scooters used mobility scooter
Maybe you feel that, perhaps because you operated a mobility scooter or Motorised Wheelchair in the past, that using a new mobility scooter should be second nature. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. While it’s great that you may have some experience in navigating with a scooter, not all of them are alike.

Many Active Mobility Scooters have advanced features that are designed to make safety a priority, and learning how to use them effectively is vital to getting around your local area with ease. This is why, not only do we take the time to properly demonstrate hands-on use of the scooter to you, but we also follow up your scooter purchase with plenty of training to help you improve your mobility quickly.

Call Active Mobility Scooters today and we’ll schedule a free, no obligation demonstration of our most popular scooter models at your convenience – same day if you call in early enough! See the difference that better mobility can make in your life!

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