Offer your customers the ultimate customer shopping experience with the Value Shopper motorised shopping cart. With exceptional comfort and plenty of safety features, it’s the preferred method of shopping for customers with limited mobility.
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Smart Track Theft Prevention System will minimise the risk of loss. A GPS system is installed inside the cart and the store GPS coordinates are loaded. Carts are unable to travel out side the boundary, ensuring the carts stay within the predefined area.


Smart Sensor System offers additional protection for your customers and your store. An infrared collision avoidance sensor on the front of the cart can detect objects that are too close ,and stops the cart immediately.

Smart Maintenance System is a self-diagnostic feature that can quickly identify faults to minimise downtime. With only a few easily replaceable parts, the cart can be fixed by store staff or our qualified service agents.


Active Scooters are the Australian distributors of the Amigo Motorised Shopping Cart. With more than 45 years of  mobility scooter experience, Amigo is a family owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service. The  Value Shopper is an industry leader with fewer moving parts, lower servicing costs, and innovative safety features.

We’ve earned the confidence of retailers with installations in over 20,000 facilities worldwide.

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