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Active Scooters is a family-owned business that's focused on outstanding quality and exceptional customer service.

We're heavily involved with the manufacturing process, quality assurance and technology enhancements to deliver the best mobility products for clients. Based in Brisbane, our network spans South East Queensland from Tewantin to Tweed Heads and west to Toowoomba.

We offer a free 7 day trial on our larger scooters, and unlimited home visits after delivery, now that’s customer service.

Why buy from us?

Here Are a Few Good Reasons



At Active Scooters, we own the brand so we own the quality. That means we’re involved in the quality during manufacturing, quality during assembly, and the ongoing quality after you’ve purchased the scooter.


Unlimited Training

We care about you beyond your initial training. If you need more training then call us. At no cost, we’ll visit you again to perhaps explain those tiller dials, or help you find the best route to when travelling a little further away from home.


Affordable Prices

We’re able to keep our prices low for you a few ways. We offer free home demos so we don’t have to pay for a retail store. Also, we’re the importer and retailer, so there is no wholesaler to pay. This leads to lower prices (and better quality) for you.


Industry Leader

Our manufacturer was founded in 1994 and only delivers a low volume of mobility scooters to the international market. This enables a high level of quality to meet safety and reliability requirements that we expect at Active Scooters.


Premium Components 

We only choose the best components for our scooters. The scooter computer is from the UK, and the motor comes from Taiwan. Although this adds to the cost of the manufacturing, it’s premium parts we won’t compromise on.


Tiller Technology

Our tiller design is ergonomic, enabling you to use your thumb or fingers to control the speed. The digital display shows speed, distance travelled, battery level, and a few nice thing like the temperature.


FREE Extras! 

Every mobility scooter we sell comes with a free flag for greater visibility, a free basket to help with your shopping, and all the in-home training you need to help you feel more comfortable navigating your local area.


Do you still have questions? If so, feel free to give us a call. Our owner is passionate about maintaining independence, so most enquiries are answered by him, a true mobility expert. Let’s chat.

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